The Mistress of odd cuts and bruises…

Unfortunately I’m not even kidding. I can’t seem to go a full week without either cutting my hands on something or burning myself on something, usually at work. This weekend it seems to be the turn of small cuts on my fingers that I don’t even notice until I see that I’m bleeding… That’s what happened yesterday; looking down at my hand I noticed that I had blood smears on my palm and investigating where they originated I realized that I had a small cut just under one of my nails that I hadn’t even noticed. It’s like a small papercut, and I’ve noticed more of them after discovering that first one. Then today one of my cuticles started bleeding and another is well on the way as well… Not my weekend in other words…

I have a feeling that it might be because my hands dry out, and that is what is causing the cuts and everything else. Since I work with food I wash my hands far too many times in a day and my skin completely dries out. I really need to look into getting a good moisturizing cream or something that I can use at work, because this is no fun at all…

Only one more day of work this weekend so on Monday I can go into town and see if I can find something and until then I’ll just have to monitor the damage…


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