A wild Obi appeared!!


I have been in a constant state of silly smiles since I watched the third episode of the Akagami no Shirayukihime anime last night. My favorite character finally appeared! I have been waiting for this since the very first episode (though really, I knew he wouldn’t show up immediately…) and he is finally here! The cat-eyed oddball that is Obi!


We have seen him like this in the opening credits before so I knew what he was going to look like, but it was a real treat to finally see him in action and hearing his voice.


As those of us who is reading the manga knows, when Obi first appear he is employed by a man of the court who is bent on getting Shirayuki away from Zen by any means necessary. Obi’s job is to scare her off, and he does this by shooting an arrow at her with a message to leave the castle. His face when she is not scared off and keeps going is priceless!


Shirayuki confronts the man getting in her way and effectively impresses both him and Obi, who later remarks to Zen that he rather took a liking to her so he wouldn’t lay a hand on her anymore. This is also the time when he starts to call Zen Master of his own accord, attaching himself to the small group.


This is as already mentioned, my absolute favorite ANS character, and I really look forward to seeing him as the story progresses. I hope that they will keep doing the anime for as long as the manga goes on, and doesn’t do as they did with Skip Beat, ending it after one season. I have a lot of arcs that I want to see in full color and moving, like the Tanburn-arc and the time in Lyrias. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but I will keep my fingers crossed for sure!


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