It’s the small things that betray her, if you look close enough to see it.
Eyes dulled with boredom and the slight tired strain around them.
The way they skitter around the room,
looking for a focus point and occasionally linger on the headphones on the shelf.
The way her fingers subconsciously brush against her phone in her pocket when she speaks.
She looks happy they say and she smiles and agrees, but her shoulders tense just a fraction.
She wears her smile as if it was an old loved piece of clothing, something she perfected many years ago.
It distracts and pulls the attention from what she knows would give her away.
They don’t notice, few ever does.
They allow themselves to be distracted by her smile, as she know they will.
Her mind is a million miles away, running at an uncontrollable speed.
Physical pain, mental exhaustion, irritation and boredom alike are forced into submission below the surface.
And still she smiles.

Uhm… Wow, yeah… I don’t really know what happened here to be honest. My mind does strange things while I’m at work and places things like this in my head. I kind of liked how it came together though, so I’m leaving it here for your reading pleasure.


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