A lot going on…

So, I’ve been kinda MIA over here for a while (sweet Keepers it’s been months!) and I thought it was time for a small update. My time has been, and continue to be eaten away by all the things I have going on in my life at the moment. Apart from working full-time, and a bit more than that if we are being honest, I’m currently working on getting my drivers licence before winter kicks in. In what little free time I have around those I do my best to maintain the schedule of my gaming channel, spend time with D, fit a little writing in and try to find time for my family and friends. Needless to say I wish there were more hours in the day. Unfortunately this means that the blog gets neglected, although I have several posts in the making, because so many other things take priority.

Luckily I’m getting a two week semi-vacation starting tomorrow where I can catch up a little and get my breath back. I call it a semi-vacation because I still need to get in and work for 1 1/2 day during those two weeks, otherwise my boss will burn herself out. It was supposed to be a full blown vacation really, but the girl who had promised to cover my hours suddenly decided to be a a bitch and pull out at the last second… This was the best compromise we could manage.

In other news my workplace is currently up for sale and it looks like it might be sold fairly quickly. There have been people looking at it that seem very keen to say the least, they just need to talk to their bank about a loan. From what they’ve said it seems like they are very interested in keeping me on, but it’s gonna depend a lot on what they will offer in terms of hours and salary. I’m not in the least interested in continuing to work 200 hours a month, so we’ll have to see what they have in mind.

Anyway, there are a lot of stuff going on right now. Let’s hope that it calms down soon!


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