A stone of worry…

Been wrestling with doubt and worry for a while now and feel the need to vent a little.

My workplace is sold and the new owners take over on Dec 1st. They do want to keep me on and I think I’ve gotten my salary request through. So far, so good. I am however getting second thoughts. While no contracts are written yet, I have verbally agreed to stay on for a time to help them get settled, despite not really feeling up to it. The reason for this is my initial feeling about the new owners. I liked them. They seemed like people that I could get along well with. But over time that feeling has changed somewhat. I still think that they are nice people, but as time goes on it feels like their attitude is slowly changing, and the way things are going I’m not as sure that it’s going to work out.

For one it feels like a lot of the responsibility in the diner will be put on me – more than I am comfortable with if I’m being honest – because neither of the pair have any clue what they’re doing. None of them can handle the kitchen alone, not to mention the cash registers. Add to that the ordering of food and other things and I smell a complete disaster in the works. And frankly, I’d rather not be caught up in it.

Apart from the whole responsibility thing, I fear that the girl (yes, girl, she’s a year younger than me) that is gonna be the one spending the most time there might be the really bossy type. And though I know that what the boss decides goes, if she starts telling me how to do my job when she’s not able to do it herself, I can’t guarantee that we are not going to clash badly.

As it stands I’ve agreed to stay for a few months for two reasons and two reasons only. To allow myself a little more time to work out what I should do instead, and out of loyalty to our regular customers. I am very fond of them and would be very sorry to see their social meeting place go to ruin. At the same time I am going to be a lot stricter with my limits. My coworkers often berate me for being too kind and keep telling me to say no but that’s not gonna be an issue anymore. There is a big difference between working yourself to the bone to support people that you know and care about, which I actually do with my current bosses, and doing the same for complete strangers. Not even I am that kind and I am done working myself into the ground.

So there’s the situation at the moment, and I can only hope that everything works out for the best.


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