Getting things back on track

So, a lot of things have been going on in my life, but things are starting to slow down and click into place. So it’s time to slow down and take a good look at what’s been going on these past months.


I changed jobs this year and I honestly think that’s the best decision I made in years! No more 12 hour shifts, and a lot less taking the job home with me because of too much responsibility. I’m really liking it at the new place so far, though I miss some of the people from the old one. Regulars and co-workers that I had grown close to, but it’s not like I’ll never see them. I have phone-numbers to several of them and have met a few outside of work. So it works out well. My new co-workers are good people as well, at least from what I’ve been able to tell, and I don’t think I’m wrong. All in all, this was a big step in the right direction for me, hopefully I can let go of some of the exhaustion that had become associated with work and find the fun in it again.


I’ve been working hard for some time, failing once, but finally managed to pass my driver’s test. Which means that I am officially abandoning my scooter in favor of a car, and I couldn’t be happier about it! I’ve been wanting to get rid of that headache inducing piece of shit for years, it’s never worked quite like it should. So that’s another big step in the right direction for my life, no more scooter-driving in the middle of winter! That should help keep my health more stable when it’s cold out, which is a good thing.


The first part of my Tales of Gaile series is coming along great (yes, I’m well aware that I’ve said that several times before) and the draft is currently in the hands of M for a critical read-through. It’s terrifying, but necessary and hopefully they won’t rip it into too many shreds. It’s the first time someone else is allowed to read the whole thing and not just the first chapter, so my nerves are a little frayed at the edges because of it. It’s my 7-year-old baby after all, I’m a bit protective of it.

I also really want to go back to my blogging roots, and start rambling about TV shows and things like that again. There are so many things that I’ve wanted to talk about but haven’t gotten around to, and it’s quickly piling up. I already have a few ideas of what I want to do, so it’s just a matter of actually putting it together into something readable.

All in all my life seems to be on its way of pulling itself together, something that has been badly needed for a long time. It’s been a jumbled mess for far too long, and it’s time to take back the control and find the time to do things that makes me feel good, the things that I do for my own sake and have been put on hold.

A Two-Headed Dog of Terrible Power

Being a re-write of an old post from 2011. The original post have been deleted as there were no comments on it and keeping two versions of it was unnecessary.


One man on death row with a warped mind, having a power called Kami no Te (hand of God); the power to heal any wound or illness with a touch of his hand.
One high school teacher with a heart as pure as an angel, holding the power called Akuma no Te (hand of the Devil); the power to kill with a touch of the hand.
When a young female detective bring those two together, something bigger than anyone could have predicted is set in motion.

Original impression
A 9 episode drama from 2009 called Orthros no Inu (Orthru’s Dog), starring Takizawa Hideaki and Nishikido Ryo as the two main characters. I really liked this drama, even though I felt it moved a little slow at times. But the two main characters fascinate me in a way and I found myself truly wondering what would happen to them in the end.

1302112757Ryuzaki Shinji played by Takizawa Hideaki
When we first meet Ryuzaki he is confined on death row, sentenced for the killing of three teenage boys 10 years prior. He is a charismatic man with considerable skills in manipulating other people. He also possess Kami no Te (hand of God) that allow him to heal any wound and illness with a touch of his hand. After he manipulates Aoi Ryosuke into setting him free, he uses his power to manipulate the people around him to get what he wants. What it is that he’s really after is unclear though. He also seem to have a strangely strong interest in Aoi.

Aoi Ryosuke played by Nishikido Ryo1302113303
Aoi is a kind-hearted high school teacher that carries the curse of Akuma no Te (hand of the Devil), the ability to kill with a single touch. Despite hating his power with a passion, he uses it once to save detective Hasebe. Driven by guilt he goes to the police and ask them to arrest him for murder. However, even with Hasebe as a witness, they can’t arrest him since there are no proof that the boy died by anything but a heart-attack. When he meets Ryuzaki Shinji for the first time he is manipulated into using his power to set the man free. Because of this he feels that catching Ryuzaki (and possibly kill him) is his┬áresponsibility.

1302113719Hasebe Nagisa played by Mizukawa Asami
The woman who started it all. Hasebe is a young detective who is saved by Aoi Ryosuke’s Akuma no Te when she messes up and is almost killed by a gang of young drug dealers. She later discovers the existence of Ryuzaki Shinji’s Kami no Te by coincidence and brings Aoi to meet him, believing that the two could help each other.
She is a single mother and her daughter Mio suffers from severe asthma, a fact that causes her determination to waver when it comes to capturing Ryuzaki.

Other characters include Yaotome Hikaru as Kumakiri Masaru, the son of the CEO of a big medicine company and also one of the drug dealers that Hasebe and Aoi encounter in the first episode, Some other important roles are Sasaki Kuranosuke as the ‘Japanese CIA’ Sawamura Takayuki and Rokkaku Seiji as the former-police-turned-homeless Ninomiya Ken.

Odds and Ends
-The title of this drama, Orthros no Inu, originates from Greek Mythology and the story of the two-headed dog Orthrus.

-The theme song used is called Hikari Hitotsu (One Light) and is performed by Takizawa Hideaki. Lyrics and English translation can be found here. It’s a beautiful song and I think it really suits the show.

Now, under this line is my thoughts and ramblings about this show, so if you have not watched it and do not wish to be spoiled for the end, stop reading this very moment. The final episode is my favorite one, so most of my rambling is about that…

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