Luna A. Sky

Hello everyone and welcome to my little hideaway. To start off, I am not a very consistent person, so what you find here will vary greatly. Everything from fandom ramblings, my life, my writing and more can be found if you look around this place. It might seem a little chaotic, but that’s just the way I like it. And if you are willing to stay for a while, you might find that it’s not that chaotic after all…

So who is Luna then?
Now that is a question that is not so easily answered, but I will try my best.

Luna is a young woman with the independence and mischievousness of a cat. She works rather long hours in a small diner, and lives in her own Middle of Nowhere with her fiance.
In her spare time she spends more time than is probably healthy on the internet, feeding her various fandom cravings, as well as writing of the wonderful worlds that exist only in her own mind.
She loves lazying about at home in comfy clothes, or going on long walks that allow her buzzing mind to shut down for a while. Really, she can walk for hours without tiring, it is her own brand of relaxation.
Music is another big part of her life, and she is not ashamed to call it an addiction. She keeps headphones on whenever she is able to, and cannot fall asleep easily at night without listening to something. That said, her hoarding of headphones might be a slight problem, as she now owns more pairs than she knows where to keep…

There, I think you have as comprehensive a picture of me as I am able to give you, but feel free to explore the corners of my mind that find their way here.

Lots of Love
Luna A. Sky

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